Prisoner Gouges Out His Eyes With Makeshift Blade To Protest High Temperatures In The Cells

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A British prisoner reportedly gouged out his eyes two days before his release in protest of the scorching heat in his prison cell.

The unidentified convict and other inmates at Her Majesty's Prison (HMP) Nottingham complained that the temperatures were above 80 degrees in their cells.

One man allegedly cut out his eyes with a makeshift blade.

"He was protesting. The heat is so high. Prisoners can't deal with it and they need to let some air in the room," a prison source told the Daily Star.

The friend of one prisoner, who did not want to be identified, told the Star that the conditions at Nottingham are "a breach of their human rights."

“They can barely move and it is making them very agitated and uncomfortable,” he said. "They are losing their minds in there – I wouldn't be surprised it it kicks off again.

"I know there's fears there will be more trouble, it's like being trapped in a boiling hot coffin for most of the day,” he added. “It would send anyone over the edge."

A report from the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) found that staffing reduction has left the operations at the prison “unstable.”

IMB said prisoners were being kept from showers, work and education programs were canceled, prisoners with mental health problems were being held in solitary confinement cells and Muslim inmates were being served food contaminated with pork products.

The Prison Service denied it has a staffing problem.

“Staffing levels at HMP Nottingham are at an appropriate level to ensure the prison runs safely,” a prison service spokesman said. "Our approach to staffing levels has been agreed with the unions and puts prison officers back in front-line roles where they are most needed."

Sources: New York Daily News, Daily Star

Image credit: Derek Key, Ross Parry/SWNS


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