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Inmate Boasts About Life In Prison On Facebook, Says Crime Was 'Worth It'

A convicted felon has taken to Facebook to boast about life behind bars.

Former boxer Lee Cekic, 25, is serving a 10-year sentence, with five more years on license, after admitting to “causing grievous bodily harm with intent and false imprisonment.”

Upon sentencing, the judge said Cekic would only be released when the authorities felt it was safe for him to return to society.

Cekic’s conviction stemmed from an attack against his sister’s ex-boyfriend, Joe Bath, wherein Bath was stabbed twice in the head by Cekic, causing two bleeds on the brain. The young man was also beaten to the point that his skull was fractured and body bruised all over, reports the Mirror.

Bath’s mother said she could not recognize him following the attack.

In recent Facebook posts, Cekic does not show remorse for the actions that landed him in jail, nor signs of rehabilitation.

“I won’t change, if anything I will be a lot worse,” the Isle of Thanet Gazette reports Cekic wrote in one post.

Another post showed his liking for prison life.

“Once I’ve done my morning routine I look around and say to myself God don’t like me that much because look where I am, then on the other hand the devil says to me this is the life boy.

“Five meals a day, free gym membership, no TV licence, visits when you want, and a s*** load of roids ­(steroids) and w*** mags and you’re still going home in four-and-a-half years’ time. So it was all worth it.”

As for the assault on Bath, Cekic does not see it as a one-time occurrence—it was just part of a normal day for him.

Cekic wrote: “No doubt I will end up back in here for putting some next c*** in a boot but that’s just a normal day for me. All I need is my family and a few good pals around me and before you know it I will be home.

“And for all you people asking how I am – I’m doing f***ing blinding.”

Bath is not happy with Cekic’s Facebook posts, as he still lives in fear over what might happen to him if he leaves the house.

“Joe barely leaves the house because he is terrified of what might happen to him,” said a close family friend of Bath. “He can’t stand that Lee seems to be having such a great time in prison. I can’t even understand why he is allowed access to the internet.

“It means he is able to communicate with whoever he wants and spread threats back to home.”

A Prison Service spokesman released a statement that said inmates were not allowed to access social networking sites.  

“It is totally unacceptable for ­prisoners to access social networking sites or instruct others to do so on their behalf. If they break the rules they will be stripped of their privileges,” the prison service spokesman said.

An unanswered question remains: How is Cekic able to do so?

Photo Source: Mirror


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