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Inmate Attacks Alabama Prison Guard (Video)

A video (below) of an inmate attacking a corrections officer in the Mobile County Jail in Alabama back in January 2015 was released on May 16, 2016.

The inmate, who was not considered dangerous, is seen walking unsupervised down a hallway and into the office of a corrections officer who is working by himself. The inmate closes the door and attacks the officer, notes AL.

The two men struggle until the officer is able to open the office door and let another officer in. The two guards quickly take down the inmate.

The incident was one of several that has happened at the jail, but did cause the prison to institute numerous changes.

Warden Noah Price Oliver told AL:

It was sort of the straw that broke the camel's back.

We were losing employees on a regular basis, on a monthly basis, and we would do exit interviews and there was one common denominator and that was the hostile work environment.

And of course that's understandable because it is a jail. So we identified some ways that we can make it safer and less stressful on our employees.

Last year we had 17 assaults on officers and this year so far we've had zero, so we are ecstatic about the results of these policy changes.

After the assault seen in the video here, staff spent months putting together a plan, which included giving officers breaks in their 12-hour shifts.

Another big change is not allowing inmates to roam around the quarter-mile facility. The roaming has been stopped with the exception of inmate workers, or trustees, who help out the prison with jobs like cleaning, painting or laundry.

"Other than them, no one moves about the jail unless they are escorted and restrained," Oliver stated.

Visitation for inmates has been dropped from once a week to once every two weeks, and there are no more reading and college-level classes in the jail.

According to Oliver, the latter change was done because inmates are locked down earlier in the night and later into the morning.

The prisoners can no longer receive enclosed envelopes from relatives. That type of mail is only allowed to come from their lawyers.

The jail is still understaffed, Oliver added.

There were no job listings for jail employees on the Mobile County Personnel Board Job Opportunities web page May 18, although there were openings for a police officer and deputy sheriff.

Sources: ALMobile County Personnel Board Job Opportunities / Photo credit: Mobile County Jail/AL via YouTube

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