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'I Just Feel A Lot Of Dishonesty': Mother Goes To Police When Her 3-Month-Old Comes Home From Day Care With Mysterious Injuries

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Texas mom Jaquese Grayson has demanded answers after picking up her 3-month-old daughter from day care and discovering mysterious injuries on her child’s face.

Grayson noticed the injuries last Wednesday when she picked up her daughter, Ryann, from KinderCare in Addison. She saw red marks on Ryann’s nose, cheek and upper lip.

“Walking in and seeing your baby like that, I was frantic,” Grayson told Fox News.

Daycare workers reported that Ryann had rubbed a sheet across her face and suffered from an allergic reaction. A handwritten note that goes home to parents mentioned a sheet and that a teacher had put “cream” on the child.

Grayson immediately took Ryann to the emergency room, where doctors determined Ryann had not suffered serious injuries or sustained any blunt force trauma.

“In my heart, I know they weren’t trying to intentionally hurt her, but I just feel a lot of dishonesty,” Grayson said.

Grayson reported the incident to Addison police and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. The department began inspecting the day care on Friday and has up to 30 days to make a decision. The two teachers who were in the infant room with Ryann have been put on administrative leave pending the investigation’s outcome.

Grayson said that she is a realist and recognizes that accidents do happen. However, she added that she should have been notified when the incident occurred.

Sources: Fox News, Blast Dat Report / Photo Credit: Fox News


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