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Injured Cyclist Sues Driver Who Waved Truck Through That Hit Her

A Portland, Oregon, bicyclist is suing the driver of the truck that hit her, as well as a second driver who allegedly waved to the truck that it was okay to turn in front of him.

Cynthia Lewellen, an avid bicyclist, suffered cardiac arrest, fractured multiple ribs, her pelvis, shoulder, and tailbone, when the Ford F-250 truck struck her while she was bicycling, reports KGW.

In Lewellen’s lawsuit, she claims driver Jeffrey Lovelady gave the okay via a wave to Juan Carlos Garcia to turn in front of him and that resulted in Garcia hitting her in the bike lane, reports Oregon Live.

The incident took place in November 2014.

Lewellen seeks $670,000 in damages from both drivers. She reportedly incurred medical expenses of more than $129,000, $30,000 in lost wages, and more than $11,000 in property damage from the accident.

Lewellen wants $500,000 for “pain and suffering with interference and disruption to her life,” according to court documents.

Garcia and Lovelady’s employers are also named as defendants in the lawsuit. Garcia was driving a vehicle owned by Oklahoma company Matrix Services Inc., and Lovelady was operating a vehicle owned by Oregon’s Ness & Campbell Crane, Inc.

In a blog post Lewellen wrote on Pretty Damned Fast, she was on a 30-mile morning bike ride with a friend when she was struck.

“We were about two-and-a-half miles from my house, just about to get off busy Highway 30 to a quieter industrial road,” Lewellen wrote. “The truck came out of nowhere, cutting across both lanes of traffic from the opposite direction and through the bike lane without looking or yielding.”

Lewellen wrote she was moving at 26 mph when she was hit.

She was in the hospital for a week and a skilled nursing facility for a week before checking herself out.

​After six weeks, Lewellen was riding a stationary bike. By the eight and a half week mark, she was back on a normal bike, but not without anxiety and fear that she had to overcome.

“That truck may have done a number on me that day, but it didn’t take away that which brings me so much joy: riding my bicycle,” Lewellen wrote. “And for that, along with all the people who helped get me to where I am today, I’m forever grateful.”

Sources: Oregon Live, KGW, Pretty Damned Fast

Photo Source: Joel Fletcher/Pretty Damned Fast


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