Infographic: The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in America

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The next time you feel like complaining about your desk job, take a look at this infographic from, which lists the 10 most dangerous jobs in America by fatalities [plus some other interesting stats].

The deadliest career is fishing, which has 116 deaths per 100,000 workers.

If you watch the Discovery Channel series 'The Deadliest Catch' then you know why fishing is more dangerous than being a police officer, which came it at number 10 with only 18 fatalities per 100,000 cops.

The other dangerous jobs include: logging workers at 91 deaths, aircraft pilots and flight engineers at 70 fatalities, farmers and ranchers come in at 41, mining machine operators at 38, roofers [pretty obvious why] at 32 and so on.

If you're on this list, you might want to buy some life insurance.

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