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Infestation Of Spiders Leads To Closing Of Pennsylvania Elementary School

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A Pennsylvania school district was forced to shut down one of its schools after it became infested with venomous spiders.

After brown recluse spiders were found in July at Montgomery Elementary School for a third time, the Tuscarora School District voted to close the school. The decision was made on Tuesday after officials and the district’s pest control management company met.

Though the spiders aren’t native to the area, a few infestations have been found in localized areas.

“We had a shipment about a year and a half ago, and we had a problem in the kitchen,” Dr. Charles A. Prijatelj, superintendent of the Tuscarora School District, said. “We dealt with that, and we thought we were good. Then come last fall, we found a couple more in the boiler room.”

Five to six spiders have already been captured thanks to sticky pads placed behind bookcases at the school’s library, where the most recent invasion was discovered. The staff have also sealed cracks in the library walls.

“We’re spraying the outside of the building," Prijatelj said. "We’re going to fog the entire building, including above the hanging ceiling. We’re also going to do underneath all the crawl spaces.”

The school will be sprayed for a second time on Aug. 15 in order for school to begin on time.

Prijatelj noted that there will be no children in the school until the problem is entirely taken care of.

The staff also plan on removing cardboard boxes in order to prevent spiders from hiding in them.

Sources: ABC News, / Photo credit: Fox News 


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