Father-Son Photo Shoot Takes A Turn For the Worse (Photo)


Everything was so picturesque: the proud new father cradling his sleepy infant son for a photoshoot. With some nice lighting and a professional photographer on hand, Al Ferguson thought he was taking pictures that would hang on his wall for years to come. Then his kid pooped all over him.

Ferguson was holding his four-day-old son Ted for the photoshoot. The early pictures were great. Ted looked sleepy and peaceful as Ferguson posed for photographer Kirsty Grant.

Here’s one of the pictures. Nice, right?

Image placeholder title

Then, Ferguson felt Ted’s stomach tighten.

"I felt Ted's stomach tense, then before you know it, he’s doing it,” Ferguson said.

Not only did Ted “do it," he did it with a smile. Look:

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The picture, which Ferguson originally posted to his blog, The Dad Network, has gone viral. Head over to the blog to see more from Ferguson.

H/T: Mirror


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