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Baby Suffers Life-Threatening Injures, Babysitter Accused Of 'Roughing' her Up

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A 10-week-old infant could die after her babysitter reportedly “roughed” her up when he got frustrated with her.

The infant was hospitalized when her brain and eyes began severely bleeding, according to the Sandusky Register. Her babysitter, Samaje Humphries, 21, is currently in jail on charges of second-degree felonious assault and child endangerment.

The little girl was rushed to Cleveland MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, on Saturday morning after her mother returned from working and found the girl breathing sporadically.

“The mom knew something was wrong as soon as she saw the child,” Detective Jon Huffman of the Sandusky Police Department said. “She got off work, came home and immediately realized something was not right with her baby.”

It was later discovered that the baby girl had hemorrhaging of the brain and behind the eyes. Most likely, the little girl will be blind or have brain damage from her injuries. It’s also possible that the baby could die from her injuries.

Doctors concluded that her injuries were a result of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

During an investigation into the baby’s injuries, police found that Humphries had been babysitting the girl and her twin sister for several weeks in exchange for a place to stay. Humphries was the mother’s ex-boyfriend.

Although Humphries initially denied hurting the girl, he confessed to police that he lost his tempter and hurt the victim unintentionally. On Saturday morning, Humphries explained that he had attempted to feed the girl from a bottle but that she had been fussy. That’s when he lost his temper.

“He admitted being rough with the baby and being frustrated,” Huffman said. “Then he said he blacked out.”

Huffman added that one of the baby's two older siblings had seen Humphries throw the child on the couch, which was obviously not accidental. After learning of Humphries’ actions, police alerted Child Services who then removed the remaining children from the house.

The infant girl’s mother reportedly kicked Humphries out of her house when she discovered what he had done.

Humphries is currently being interviewed by detectives. He is being held at Erie County jail on $40,000 bond. His case will be presented to a grand jury this week, where Humpries could face more charges.

Currently, the infant girl is being cared for at Cleveland Metro. She is suffering from seizures as a result of her brain injuries, although she has begun breathing on her own again. On Tuesday, she was able to move her own arm.

Sources: Sandusky Register, Toledo Blade

Photo Credit: Sandusky Register


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