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Infant Found Unharmed Between Dead Parents After Tornado Ravages Home

An infant was found unharmed, nestled between the dead bodies of her protective parents, after a tornado ravaged their Arkansas mobile home on May 10.

Following a line of tornadoes that destroyed small towns across Arkansas, Texas, South Dakota and Iowa, 29-year-old Melissa Mooneyhan and her husband, Michael Mooneyhan, 28, were found dead in the debris of their home in Nashville, Arkansas, while their baby daughter was unharmed between the bodies of her parents. Reports say the loving parents were likely protecting their young daughter from the storm.

A coroner determined both died of blunt force trauma, and authorities say it’s “a miracle” that the baby was not harmed.

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"It's a miracle," Howard County Sheriff Bryan McJunkins said, going on to note that this is the worst storm he had seen in his career. "I've been working for the county a little over 17 years and I've not seen anything like this in the city of Nashville (Arkansas). We've had some surrounding areas that have been hit. I do not remember a fatality from one."

Neighbors say the deaths have rocked their small community. The baby, said to be 2 or 3 years old, has since been released to a family member.

Sources: Daily Mail, ArkansasOnline, THV11

Image Source: Facebook via Daily Mail


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