Man Dumps Baby Girl In Trash


The stepfather of an infant girl who was found dumped in a Kansas apartment complex's trash bin is facing criminal child abuse and attempted murder charges.

Authorities discovered a wounded baby girl abandoned in a dumpster in the early morning hours of July 7 after receiving a report that a 9-month-old child was left in a trash receptacle. Authorities have not explained exactly where the female infant was found, however, numerous residents say the apartments all share a centralized dumpster. It also compacts garbage.

Police have named 27-year-old Marquis Jamall Young as the perpetrator. Young is facing attempted first-degree murder and child abuse charges, according to Lawrence Police Department Sgt. Amy Rhoads.

Lawrence-Journal World reports the stepfather is currently being held in the Johnson County Jail on suspicion of misdemeanor domestic battery on a $20,000 bond.

The baby girl, who is suffering from life-threatening injuries, was treated at a local hospital and released after two weeks, according to the Kansas City Star. The girl is currently in the state’s care and will continue to receive outpatient treatment for her wounds, says Rhoads.

Young was arrested with his wife Sheena Young, the child’s mother, on suspicion of disorderly conduct at Perry Lake on July 13. Jefferson County Sheriff Jeffrey Herrig said the couple was told to “straighten up” after they allegedly confronted each other during an argument. A day before the incident, Marquis was detained in Johnson County after he allegedly battered Sheena, according to a criminal complaint.

Sheena and Marquis were released from Jefferson County Jail after each posted a $3,000 bond.

Although he currently remains in the custody of the Johnson County Jail, Rhoads said Marquis Young will be brought to Douglas County to face the attempted murder and child abuse charges. Authorities have no information regarding any other person’s involvement in the matter.

Marquis Young is scheduled to appear in Johnson County District Court Augh. 10 regarding the domestic battery charge.

Sources: Lawrence-Journal World, Kansas City Star / Photo credit: Kansas City Star

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