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Infant Dies From Infection And Malnutrition, Religious Parents Had Strict Diet

A Canadian couple were charged last Friday with criminal negligence causing death and a failure to provide the necessities of life to their infant boy, who died on Nov. 29, 2013.

Jeromie and Jennifer Clark brought their 14-month-old son John to a hospital in Calgary, Alberta, on Nov. 28, 2013. The boy was in such bad shape that he was transferred to another hospital, but died the following day, noted

According to an autopsy, John suffered from a staph infection that was made worse by malnutrition.

The parents' two older children were removed from the home when the investigation began and are currently in an unidentified location.

According to, police believe the Clarks are members of a Seventh Day Adventist Church and were following a nutritional diet based on their faith.

However, the church's pastor insisted the church had not taught anyone what to feed their children.

Image Credit: Kim Newberg


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