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Virginia Math Teacher Turns Himself In For Stealing Women's Shoes, Returning Them With 'Biological Evidence'


A Virginia criminal known for stealing shoes and then returning them with “biological evidence” has turned himself in to police.

The thefts had been taking place since early September, according to WTVR.

Henrico County School spokesman Andy Jenks confirmed that the thief was identified as Varina high school math teacher Kenneth Johnson III, who has been placed on administrative leave.

Authorities said they have received reports from at least four women whose shoes had been stolen from their porches overnight. Police suspect there could be more victims in other jurisdictions.

Authorities did not specify what kind of "biological evidence" was left in the shoes, but did acknowledge that it was not the fecal type.

"We had an incident where one house had the same thing happen twice," Lt. Chris Eley said, "and that's when we started looking more seriously."

One of Johnson’s victims said she encountered the shoe thief while driving up to her house, only to find him sauntering away with her sneakers. She reportedly confronted Johnson, and he told her that he fancied the scent of her shoes and then proceeded to sniff them in front of her.

Another victim sent an email to the neighborhood’s watch group and said she discovered a note in her shoe. The note said the suspect was “a married man and his wife’s shoes did not have a smell and he liked performing perverted activity in the shoes and then returning them.”

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