Indonesian Boy Falls 19 Stories to Death, Possibly Trying to Imitate Spider-Man

A five-year-old boy fell to his death in Jakarta, Indonesia after his mother denied his request to go see the new Spider-Man movie.

Authorities suspect that the tragedy may have been Valentino’s attempt to imitate Spider-Man, with the belief that he could spin webs from his wrists like the comic book superhero.

The Independent reports that Valentino asked his 23-year-old mother Eva if she would take him to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Eva refused, saying that they had to stay home to take care of Valentino’s sick one-year-old brother.

Valentino locked himself in his room in a temper tantrum, the police report says. His mother tried to open the door and heard the sound of her son’s body falling from the 19th floor.

The boy was rushed to Pluit hospital in the north of the city, where he was pronounced dead.  

Senior police commander Suyudi told Malaysian news website Kompas that the “hyperactive” child “liked to imitate films like Iron Man and Captain America after every watch.”

The Spider-Man films are extremely popular in Indonesia. The opening of the second film marked a blockbuster in that country, as well as Malaysia and several other Asian countries.


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