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Indie Band The xx Takes Legal Action After Anti-Gay Group Uses Their Music Without Consent

A popular indie band plans to take legal action against an anti-gay organization that used their music without permission. The band also made clear that it supports equal marriage rights for everyone.

According to EDGE on the Net, The xx took to its Facebook page to post the following message:

“It has come to our attention that our music has been used without our permission in a promotional advert by the Croatian organization ‘U ime obitelji.’ We wish to state that we didn’t, and would never, approve the use of our music by this organization. To be clear, we unconditionally support the equal right to marriage."

The record label for The xx also released a statement, reported Clash Magazine.

“A Croatian organization ‘U ime obitelji’ has illegally used The xx’s music in their adverts. The xx didn’t, and would never, approve the use of their music by this organization. Quite obviously, The xx unconditionally support the equal right to marriage regardless of sexuality.

“Because of all this, we’ll be taking legal action against the group to stop them using the bands music to promote the beliefs of ‘U ime obitelji’.

“Thanks to everyone that alerted us to this and good luck in the December 1st referendum.”

EDGE on the Net also noted that U ime obitelji is an anti-gay marriage group that collected more than 700,000 signatures to force a constitutional referendum on same-sex marriage. The Croatian parliament will allow a public referendum on a constitutional amendment that would prevent same-sex couples from legally marrying, and voters will get to decide on the issue on Dec. 1.

Sources: EDGE on the Net, Clash Magazine


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