Man Convicted Of Murdering First Wife Faces Life In Prison For Murdering Second Wife


An Indianapolis man charged with murdering his second wife faces life without parole. If convicted of the crime, it would mark the second time he went to jail for killing his wife.

Tony Degrafreed, 50, stands accused of murdering his second wife Rebecca Degafreed, 47, after police discovered her with a head injury on the bathroom floor of the couple's home. 

Officials pronounced her dead at the scene. 

Degrafreed also allegedly stabbed Rebecca's 19-year-old son, Jordan Yarbro, in the chest. 

Yarbro sustained only minor injuries. 

In March 1995, Degrafreed was convicted of murdering his first wife Stacy Degrafreed. Though he was sent to prison, he was released early for good behavior, the IndyStar reports. He only served half of his original 30 to 60 year sentence and was released in 2006.

Due to his prior conviction, he will likely not be eligible for parole if found guilty of his crime.

Since his 1995 murder, a new sentencing guideline has been put into effect, with murder punishable by 45 to 65 in prison. 

Offenders must now serve at least 75 percent of their sentence. 

The Marion County coroner reported that Rebecca's death was caused by blunt force injuries to the head and neck. 

Some witnesses claim they heard noises coming from the couple's bedroom before the murder, according to the IndyStar.

Rebecca first met Degrafreed when he was 15. The two connected while he was serving out his first prison sentence. 

"She put her name on his parole papers in order for him to get out," Rebecca's brother, Christopher Birdsong, told the Star last year. “She married him and took him home and had a home already well fixed for him.”

Source: The NY Daily News, The IndyStar

Photo Credit: Indianapolis Metro Police Dept., CBS News


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