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Indianapolis Man In Custody After "Swinging" Penis at Two Women

A 34-year-old man in Indianapolis is in a lot of trouble after allegedly “swinging” his penis at two women.

Shawn Harvell is facing charges of public indecency, criminal confinement, battery, and resisting law enforcement for the Tuesday afternoon incident that left two women shaken.

Reports show that a 29-year-old woman and her friend were walking down the street when Harvell came up behind and grabbed her by the arm. He then proceeded to “swing” his genitals at the women. He allegedly told them that he had a gun and that they needed to go with him.

At the perfect moment, a police officer drove by in a patrol car, and the woman was able to break free to flag down the officer with her friend.

Harvell took off on foot, and the officer followed. He called for backup as the man was chased for blocks. Police eventually caught up with him as he was desperately trying to get into his parked car not far away.

While being arrested, Harvell apparently denied any wrongdoing, and when officers asked him why his pants were unbuckled, he tried to blame it on the police, with the report saying that he insisted “that (an officer) somehow undid his belt buckle during the arrest.”

In addition to being arrested and charged, Harvell was also issued a traffic citation for parking his car too close to a fire hydrant.


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