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Indiana Woman Kidnaps Daughter, Leads Michigan State Troopers On High Speed Chase (Video)

An Indiana woman is facing seven felony charges and one misdemeanor after abducting a child and leading Michigan State Troopers on a high-speed chase that was all caught on video.

Aubrey Coy, 34, of Syracuse, Ind., was visiting her 5-year-old daughter in nearby Warsaw around noon Sunday when police say Coy picked up the girl under the court-ordered supervision of her mother, WSBT-TV reported.

But when her mother went to the restroom, Coy took off with her daughter, ABC57 reported. Michigan State Police were able to find Coy on US12 in White Pigeon using GPS signal from her phone.

The dash cam video shows Coy being pulled over and talking with an officer. But when the officer asked her to step out of the car, she sped off. The video shows him trying to pull her keys out of the ignition.

Police say Coy allegedly told an officer, “You aren’t taking my child,” pulling her daughter from the front passenger seat and placing her on her lap as she drove.

Coy reportedly stuck her middle finger out the window while driving up to 75 miles per hour and lasted 5 or 6 miles, WOOD Radio News reports.

Police eventually used stop sticks to flatten the vehicle’s tires, but she kept driving. When Coy finally stopped, she tried to flee and fought with police as they tried to handcuff her. Coy held her daughter in her arms the entire time and refused to let go.

“She literally put not just herself and that child in danger, but those officers that were chasing [her] and other pedestrians on the roadway,” Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Todd Peterson said. “And I think that goes a long way to show her judgment at least was pretty impaired.”

“I have no idea how I got here,” a crying Coy reportedly said during her video arraignment Monday. She felt like she’s “dreaming or something.”

According to police, Coy was charged for fleeing and eluding, possession of cocaine, resisting and obstruction in Michigan. She was also charged with misdemeanors of operating under the influence and child endangerment.

Coy was under the influence of cocaine and had prior convictions for drug possession, according to WWMT. She is being held on a $15,000 bond and has more charges pending in Indiana.

Her daughter was unharmed, Michigan State Police say.


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