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Indiana Woman Charged With Murder Of Young Mother After Posing As Child Services Worker, Kidnapping Child

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Indiana woman Geraldine Jones, 36, was charged with murder, confinement and kidnapping following the death of a mother and the kidnapping of the victim's infant daughter.

On April 6, investigators believe Jones posed as a Department of Child Services employee and lured Samantha Fleming from her home on the pretense of a court hearing. After Fleming disappeared, Anderson Police Det. Scott Sanderson investigated and discovered Fleming’s body wrapped in plastic and hidden in a storage bin in an apartment. Fleming was reportedly stabbed and soaked in bleach before being wrapped up.

Investigators also found Fleming’s baby, who was unharmed and with Jones’ sister. According to Jones' sister, Jones had asked if she could care for the baby while she visited their mother in Texas.

The child has since been returned to relatives. 

According to authorities, Jones is located in Texas where she is undergoing treatment for depression. Neighbors claim that Jones was previously pregnant with twins, though there are suspicions surrounding the claim. Jones reportedly told family members that she had given birth to one child and that the other had died.

It remains unclear if Jones was ever actually pregnant.

Currently, authorities are attempting to extradite Jones.

Sources: Fox News, DailyMail / Photo Credit: Fox News


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