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Woman Texts 911 After Man Holds Her In Car Against Her Will

An Indiana woman being held against her will was rescued this weekend after texting 911.

The Putnam County 911 Dispatch started receiving the emergency 911 text messages Friday morning, July 17, from a woman who was reportedly being held in her vehicle by two male suspects, reports said. 

The first text message was received by dispatch at about 10:20 a.m., according to Indiana State Police. The 20-year-old female contacted dispatchers via text message, describing the vehicle she was being held in as a red 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier traveling westbound on Interstate 70. The vehicle was reportedly en route to the St. Louis, Missouri, area, according to FOX 59.

Reports said the woman’s boyfriend and a male driver were holding the woman in her own car, against her will. The woman made multiple requests to not be taken to St. Louis, but the men refused, according to Indiana State Police (ISP).

Information was relayed to ISP, who looked for the vehicle as text messages between the woman and the Putnam County Dispatch Center continued to be exchanged. Officials eventually spotted the vehicle matching the given description heading westbound on I-70 near the 12-mile marker, FOX 59 reported. At about 10:42 a.m., troopers stopped the Cavalier, and the two men inside were taken into custody without incident. 

ISP said the woman was distraught, but unharmed, according to RTV 6. 

Reports stated that drugs were also found on the scene. A police K-9 located a gram of marijuana and a gram of cocaine inside the vehicle.

Twenty-one-year-old LaDonte Hatchett of Indianapolis, who was reportedly the woman's boyfriend, was arrested and preliminarily charged. He reportedly refused all requests from the female who said she did not want to go to St. Louis, and instead, continued to drive west on I-70, FOX 59 reported.

Charges against Hatchett included criminal confinement, unauthorized control of a vehicle, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, and DUI refusal. The second male passenger was released from the scene, according to RTV 6.

Sources: FOX 59, RTV 6

Photo credit: Indiana State Police via FOX 59


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