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Indiana University’s Kappa Delta Sorority Attends ‘Homeless’ Party

Sorority girls from the University of Indiana’s Kappa Delta are in hot water after attending a “homeless party” earlier in the week.

The girls wore cutoff jean shorts, plaid shirts and smudged dirt on their faces, while holding signs that proclaimed, “Why lie? It’s for BOOZE”. And, my personal favorite, “Give me a nickel and I’ll tickle your pickle.”

Other IU students were not as amused.

“Just so you know, Bloomington, IN (home of IU) has a disproportionately high homeless population," said the unnamed student who sent photos of the party. "They're typically the target of a lot of shit from students.

"They get treated pretty badly. It's actually really sad—one of the places homeless people tend to hang out is right across from the most popular student bar in Bloomington, and on pretty much any given night, you can hear students loudly ridiculing the homeless population while they sip their drinks.”

No word yet on discipline for the students involved.

Sources:  Jezebel, HuffingtonPost


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