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Indiana Residents Will Soon See Billboards Displaying Sex Offenders

Residents of Marion County, Indiana, will be getting an eyeful of some of the area’s sex offenders.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Marshals and Crime Stoppers announced a joint operation to put photos of sex offenders who haven’t registered with the local authorities on prominent billboards. 

U.S. Marshal Kerry Forestal said that the offenders are being told to surrender or risk being found by the police. There will be three billboards: one digital billboard near the Indiana State Fairgrounds, and two static billboards displaying the names and pictures of dozens of sex offenders who have failed to register.

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The billboards were funded by a grant from the U.S. Marshals Service Sex Offender Investigations Branch.

“We are grateful to have such incredible partners in the United States Marshal Service and Crime Stoppers to work with to track down sex offenders in Marion County,” said Marion County Sheriff John Layton. 

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“It is important for people to understand that we work together daily to put sex offenders who refuse to comply with the law back behind bars," Layton continued. "But, especially around the holidays, we like to make it very obvious to the public that we are looking out for their safety and greatly appreciate the information that they can provide to help us track down sex offenders who refuse to register.”

The billboards will also include the number of the Crime Stoppers hotline to encourage people to report the delinquent offenders. Steve Bubois, director of Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana, urges people to come forward with information, which can be submitted to Crime Stoppers anonymously. There are also rewards available for those who report sex offenders.

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Source: WXIN / Image via WXIN


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