Police Officer Pulls Driver Over, Then Prays With Him Over Daughter's Cancer Diagnosis


A Bloomington, Indiana, police officer prayed with a man he pulled over for speeding after discovering the heartbreaking reason why he was driving so fast.

Rodney Gibson was distracted while driving through Bloomington on Jan. 4, WRTV reports. He was thinking about his daughter’s battle with breast cancer, which he learned was not going away.

Gibson was so distraught over the news, he had no idea he was speeding.

When Indiana State Police Sgt. Todd Durnil pulled Gibson over, he learned of the man’s tragic story. Durnil decided not to give him a ticket and instead join him in a moment of prayer.

“I also thought, this man already has enough; I’m not going to write him any paperwork for a ticket or even a warning,” he told ABC News, according to Fox 8.

Gibson was reportedly so touched by the gesture that he began to cry. Both men had tears in their eyes.

“The good Lord put us together for a purpose,” Durnil said. 

Sources: WRTV, Fox 8 / Photo credit: ABC News, Indiana State Police via Officer.com

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