Indiana Man Accused Of Killing Ex-Girlfriend, Eating Her Body Parts Is Transferred To State Prison


Joseph Oberhansley will be transferred to state prison after spending more than a year in solitary confinement awaiting trial for the murder of his ex-girlfriend and eating parts of her body.

Oberhansley, 34, is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Tammy Blanton, 46, in September 2014. According to police, he broke into her home, stabbed her to death and ate her organs.

Oberhansey spent 14 months awaiting trial in solitary confinement in the Clark County jail in Indiana and now, after going back to court on Nov. 9 to request to move in with the general population, Oberhansley will instead be moved to the Indiana Department of Corrections facility, where he will await a trail in August 2016, News and Tribune reports. He is being held without bail.

As he was led into the courtroom, Oberhansley yelled to his mother that he loved her and that he hasn’t been allowed to make phone calls in the county jail. When he was seated, he apologized to Judge Vicki Carmichael for the way he looked, saying, “These [expletives] would not let me comb my hair.”

Throughout the hearing, Oberhansley said that his court-appointed attorneys, Michael McDaniel and Brent Westerfield, are not actually his attorneys and he called them names.

In an earlier hearing on May 4, Oberhansley had a rape charge added to the list of charges against him after investigators found signs of rape during Blanton’s autopsy. His combined charges of dismemberment, burglary and rape make him eligible to receive the death penalty.

During that same hearing, Oberhansley told prosecutors he was too good looking to rape anybody, according to WHAS-TV.

News and Tribune reports Oberhansley spent 12 years in prison for killing another girlfriend in 2000.

Sources: News and TribuneWHAS-TV / Photo credit: News and Tribune

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