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Indiana Man Jailed For Stealing, Selling Human Brains

If the comment sections on the internet are any indication, there is a severe shortage of brains in America. With that in mind, who can fault Indianapolis man David Charles for allegedly trying to make a little extra cash selling brains on the web?

Charles, 21, was arrested recently in a police sting after a man who bought one of his preserved brains suspected the organ was stolen from a museum. It turns out Charles had reportedly stolen at least 60 jars of human tissue from the Indiana Medical History Museum.

Here’s how his scheme worked, apparently:

Charles repeatedly stole the brains from the museum and would sell them to a middleman. An October status from Charles’ facebook shamelessly says “Yo I got a bunch of human brains in jars for sale [hit me up] for details u know u want one for halloween.”

The middleman who bought the brains sold them on eBay. One purchaser bought six jars of old brain tissue for $600. Once his purchases arrived, the buyer suspected some foul play after seeing several old identifier labels on the tissue jars. He alerted the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police about the questionable jars, and the department opened an investigation.

After a few weeks of research, detectives pinned down Charles as the man behind the thefts and subsequent sales. They set up a sting operation for December 16th. On the 16th, officers guised as potential purchasers met Charles in a parking lot. Once the officers revealed their identities, Charles pulled a gun on them. Officers tackled him to the ground and arrested him on the spot.

He was charged with theft, marijuana possession, and paraphernalia possession.

As for the man who bought the brains on eBay, he was found guilty of no wrongdoing. Indiana Medical History Museum director Mary Ellen Hennessy Nottage said “he just liked to collect odd things."

Sources: USA Today, Raw Story


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