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Indiana Man Found Guilty Of Rape, Battery In 2013 Home Invasion, Accomplice Accepted Plea Bargain


A man from Indianapolis, Indiana, has been convicted for his part in a home invasion in September 2013.

Ryan Clark, 21, was found guilty of 20 different crimes, including several counts of rape, criminal deviate conduct, battery and criminal confinement, for his role in a home invasion two years ago, The Indianapolis Star reports.

Clark and another man, Shayne Thompson, also 21, were charged in June 2014 while serving prison sentences for unrelated armed robbery and murder convictions. Thompson pleaded guilty to the charges in August 2014 and was sentenced to 45 years in prison, while Clark was convicted of all charges following a jury trial in the week of Dec. 18.

He will be sentenced in a Marion Superior Court on Jan. 6.

The charges against the two men arose from a home invasion on Sept. 18, 2013, in which they and a third accomplice broke into an Indianapolis family's home, robbed them, and repeatedly raped the mother of the family in the laundry room.

The woman of the family told police she was sitting on the porch of her home around 10:30 p.m. when she felt the barrel of a gun held to her head. The three men, dressed in dark clothes with bandannas and armed with handguns, surrounded the woman, according to court documents.

One stood watch over her while the others rounded up her husband and three children.

The men ransacked the family's home, and asked them to hand over credit cards and remove their clothing. They also took the woman to the laundry room and sexually assaulted her.

One of the men then ordered the woman to take a shower to wash DNA evidence off of her body. When she reached for a towel, he became enraged and punched her in the face. He then poured bleach over her to try to remove the evidence. 

After the shower, the woman was ordered to rejoin the rest of her family in the living room while the intruders drove away with the family's television, computer and other electronics.

The family waited for about 10 minutes before calling police shortly after midnight on Sept. 19.

Clark and Thompson were arrested a week later, on Sept. 25, for an armed robbery attempt at a BP/Rickers gas station in Indianapolis' Westside neighborhood in which they shot a 39-year-old clerk to death.

They were later identified as suspects in the home invasion and charged while in prison for the armed robbery and murder.

The woman identified Clark in a photo line-up and also recalled a scar from an old bullet wound on his hip, while Thompson was identified from DNA evidence he left in the family's laundry room.

The third man involved in the incident has not been apprehended.

The September 2013 home invasion was followed by a rash of similar violent break-ins in the city in October and November of the same year. 

About 28 percent of household burglary victims between 2003 and 2007 were present during the crime and 7 percent experienced some form of violence, according to data gathered by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. 

Sources: Indianapolis Star, Bureau of Justice Statistics / Photo credit: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department/Indianapolis Star

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