Police: Indiana Man Brought Gun To Town Meeting About Threats To School (Video)


A community meeting at a high school in Plainfield, Indiana, on Jan. 19 was supposed to address some anonymous threats, but the event took a bizarre turn when one of the attendees reportedly brought a gun (video below).

According to police, Ronald Kendall, 37, said he had armed himself to feel safe. Kendall was taken out of the auditorium, searched and charged with possession of a firearm on school property, notes The Indy Channel.

Kendall told the cops that his gun was not loaded, but police found that it was loaded, reports CBS 4 Indy.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Kendall announced that he had a gun after he was not allowed to speak. The newspaper also says that Kendall told the cops that the gun was loaded.

Local, state and FBI officials were at the Plainfield High School to answer parents' questions about their children's safety in light of some cyber threats that have been made against schools and businesses.

The threats have been posted by an anonymous Facebook user who uses the handle "Brian Kil."

The Facebook posts have reportedly come from numerous locations, prompting authorities to serve 200 subpoenas in an effort to track down the person's IP address and real identity.

Parents asked police why people had not been searched when they came into the meeting, and the police said they "didn't believe tonight's event was a threat."

Some parents were skeptical that law enforcement could protect their kids when police couldn't stop an armed man from coming to the event.

"This was a voluntary event that was established for communication purposes," Plainfield Police Capt. Jill Lees stated, notes the Indianapolis Star. 

"We provided security here, but obviously, as you saw with the crowds, it was very difficult to check every single person of that nature coming in. So, with that being said, we tried to handle security the best we could."

According to the newspaper, Kendall was released from the Hendricks County Jail on a $500 cash bail on Jan. 20.

Sources: The Indy Channel, Indianapolis Star, CBS 4 Indy / Photo Credit: The Indy Channel Screenshot

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