Indiana Couple, Arrested For Neglect, Claims Not to Know How 4-Month-Old Daughter Was Severely Injured

An Indiana couple has been charged with neglecting their 4-month-old daughter. Though the infant has suffered injuries that may have a permanent impact on her development, the parents claim to have no idea what happened.

Michael Knott and Andi Suddarth are currently behind bars on charges of neglect of a dependent, based on two incidents, according to authorities.

The parents brought their daughter to the hospital after they noticed her sleeping and eating habits had changed, the mother said. Hospital officials contacted the authorities when they saw that the girl had sustained serious injuries. Not only did she have head trauma, but blood on her brain and hemorrhaging of the eyes. 

In the probable cause affidavits for both parents, the parents stated they had no idea how their daughter had been injured, said Hancock County Police Department Capt. Jeff Rasche, according to WXIN-TV.

“No one else was there to speak for the child, so hopefully we have,” Captain Rasche said.

The earlier incident on which the charges were based occurred in early February, according to authorities. Blaming those injuries on a possible “fall,” the parents again claimed ignorance with regards to their daughter’s injuries.

“We were able to determine during our investigation that the parents had withheld some information to the officials at Community Hospital and didn’t give them specific information or maybe what happened to the child with regards to a fall. It changed the diagnoses,” Captain Rasche said.

The couple appeared before a judge Monday, declining to comment to press. Knott did, however, defend himself on his Facebook page.

“Everyone running your mouth about this situation go ahead, my beautiful little girl isn't blind, she's doing great she's laughing cooing, eating, and deff not blind,” he wrote Monday night. “Everything will show in time that none of this is true. You all keeping running your mouths in the end you will all be proven idiots. Everyone that is supporting us and sending US prayers thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

According to doctors, the long-term impact of the girl’s injuries won’t be clear until she is closer to 2 years in age.

Sources: WXIN-TV, New York Daily News


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