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Indiana Considers Anti-Bullying Legislation After 14-Year-Old Angelina “Angel” Green's Public Suicide

14-year-old Angelina “Angel” Green of West Lafayette hung herself in March from a tree at her bus stop where her bullies could see her body. She left a suicide note to her mother, Danielle Green, that read, “It’s bullying that killed me. Please get justice.”

Her mother is now taking the fight to end bullying to the Indiana State Capital, where she pleaded with lawmakers Wednesday to pass anti-bullying legislation.

The eighth grade girl killed herself on Mar. 5. Her mother shared the handwritten note she left behind with the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday in Indianapolis.

In the letter she wrote, “To all the bullies that have called me names, [you] are the reason why I am feeling the way I am now. I didn’t want to die. I just wanted to be saved from the pain.”

The Senate approved House Bill 1423, the anti-bullying bill, which helps teachers to identify and handle bullying, including electronic bullying, with a vote of 8-2. It will be passed on for debate and approval from the full Senate before it becomes law. The bill will also make schools accountable for bullying. Green claims she spoke to her daughter’s school many times about the bullying, but nothing was ever done.

"They called her whore, slut and countless names, and told her she was worthless," Green said of Angel’s classmates. "She did this before the bus was going to be there so her bullies would see her."

Green said that Angel was bullied over two years because of her red hair, freckles, and weight. At one point, Angel’s father was arrested for assaulting her, and bullies also used this information to torment the girl.

“They called her names. They pushed her. They tripped her in school. They have thrown food and trash at her during school,” Green said, according to the IndyStar.

In her note, Angel addressed her tormenters. “You told me so much that I started believing it,” she wrote “And I was stupid for doing that. Every morning, day, night I look in the mirror and cry, and replay the harmful words in my head.”

The first line of Angel’s heartbreaking letter reads, “Dear Mom, I’m really sorry that I did this. Don’t you EVER think it was your fault. Because its not.”

Green was joined by other mothers like her on Wednesday. Lana Swoape’s daughter Tori, 15, committed suicide in May.

Sources: NY Daily News, Daily Mail


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