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Indiana Boy Fatally Shoots 13-Year-Old Brother, Although ‘All The Safe Guards Were Taken’

A 10-year-old boy in Anderson, Ind., accidentally shot and killed his 13-year-old brother while playing with his father’s .22-caliber handgun on Monday.

The gun was kept in a locked gun cabinet and only had one bullet, police said Wednesday. None of the other firearms in the supposedly secure gun cabinet were loaded.

"It's a very tragic incident," Detective Joel Sandefur told the Daily News. "All the safe guards were taken, yet the child was able to find a way to the gun."

"The parents took the appropriate precautions in this situation, but young people can find ways around some of our best made plans, which is what makes this even more tragic," Sandefur added.

The shooting took place Monday around 3:30 p.m.

Logan Armendariz was shot once in the chest. He later died at St. Vincent Anderson Regional Anderson Hospital.

Logan was an athletic honor roll student, according to Daily News. He attended Daleville Elementary Schools, where grief counselors will be on hand Wednesday, WISH-TV reported.

“We're deeply disturbed. I've notified faculty that he's died in a tragic accident, and the staff has expressed concern for the family,” said Daleville Superintendent Paul Garrison. “Right now, we're trying to organize ourselves to help the kids. He was a fine young man, and he'll be sorely missed."

No charges will be made against the family.

"We can't change what's been done but we might be able to change what happens," Sandefur said. "Hopefully out of the tragedy will come an awakening in our community."

Sources: NY Daily News, WISH-TV


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