Indian Woman Who Attempted To Drown Herself Washes Ashore, Raped By Fishermen


An Indian woman was raped by two fishermen who found her unconscious on the beach, after she attempted mass-suicide with her family.

The family attempted mass-suicide on December 18 after they were evicted from their home in Puducherry, India. Though two of the sisters and the mother drowned, the victim’s remaining sisters and her father washed ashore alive at different locations. The unnamed victim was found half a mile from the scene of the suicide.

Both men, identified as crabcatchers S. Raja and K. Vijaykumar, were seen in video footage from hotels and guesthouses in the area. During the footage, police noted that the two acted suspiciously.

According to senior superintendent of police V.J. Chandran, the two have confessed to raping the woman.

The woman’s family had previously been living in an ashram, a type of monastery that is common in India, but had been evicted because one of the sister’s had broken a community rule. The family was escorted out by police under a Supreme Court of India order, though it’s unclear what rule was broken. Despite the violation, the ashram has vowed to find new housing for the sisters.

“The ashram has constantly attempted to resolve the issue with sisters, offered to find them a place outside the ashram or give financial support, for their stay, as fixed by the high court,” the ashram noted in an official statement. “It is a moment of profound sadness for us and we reach out to everyone who feels the loss.”

The ashram noted that the mass-suicide attempt was “heartbreaking.”

Sources: Inquisitir, DailyMail / Photo Credit: Life in Lanka


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