Murderers Pour Acid on Indian Women's Face to Conceal Her Identity


Police in north India are trying to identify the body of a young woman who reportedly had acid poured over her face after she was strangled to death.

Initial reports stated that the woman, who is believed to be 22 years old, had been raped, made to drink acid and strangled.

In an apparent attempt to conceal her identity, her face had been disfigured with acid and petrol.

 “We are still trying to identify the body,” senior investigating officer Supt Ravindra Gaur said, adding that they believe “the acid was poured on her to conceal her identity.”

Police have said that after a suggestion was made that the woman might be from Uttarakhand, they dispatched a team of detectives there to look into her background.

Police have said that the woman’s body was discovered on in a field on Saturday in the village of Aithpura. Notably, this attack occurred about 60 miles from the village where two girls were gang-raped and hanged from a tree last week.

The two girls, cousins who are believed to be between ages 12 and 14, had gone into the fields to relieve themselves.

After being gang raped, the girls were hanged from a mango tree using their own scarves.

Relatives have said that after the girls went missing, police initially refused to investigate the case because of their low-caste status.

The gruesome attack has sparked criticism from prominent politicians, many of whom have since visited the family’s simple shack.

Recently, government minister Ram Vilas Paswan criticized the government of Uttar Pradesh for its failure to protect the young girls. Indian media reported that Paswan had said that if the government is not “able to provide right to life, then what kind of government is this.”

Sources: Independent, First Post, DNA India

Photo Sources:, Independent


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