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Indian Woman Beats Her Daughter's Rapist To Death


An Indian woman was arrested after she was found to have beaten a man to death on Saturday in his home. The woman allegedly attacked the man after discovering that he had raped her five-year-old daughter. 

According to The Times of India, the woman beat the man, 30-year-old Arjun Tamba, with an iron rod. The woman, whose name has not been released to the press, had left her daughter at home while she had gone to work at a construction site. When she returned home, her daughter informed her that Tamba, their neighbor, had called the girl over and subsequently raped her. The woman immediately went next door and began her attack.

The woman spoke to India-based reporters, explaining the events in her own words.

“My daughter told me that Tamba had called her to his house for playing. He outraged her modesty and when the girl started crying, he fled. The girl was weeping uncontrollably when I came home,” the woman said. 

Deputy Superintendent of Police Nisha Murmu claimed that the murder was not discovered until the following day. 

“No one raised a voice even as the man cried for help. Locals came to know about the murder on Sunday morning and informed police, after which the body was recovered,” Murmu said.

The recent case of a 23-year-old woman that was gang raped on a bus in India has depicted the country as a dangerous location rife with sexual assault. Although those allegations are somewhat accurate, as India does have a relatively high rate of sexual crime — the country also has a high conviction rate for rapists. According to Time Magazine, India’s conviction rate for rapists was 24.2% in 2012, compared to 7% in the UK.

The status of the woman who beat Tamba to death is unclear, although she was initially arrested for her role in the man's murder. 


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