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Indian Woman And Baby Girl Burned Alive For Dowry

A woman's husband and inlaws have been arrested for allegedly burning her and her baby alive in eastern India.

The Jan. 30 attack is suspected to be dowry-related, according to the parents of the woman.

The three suspects poured kerosene on Annu Devi, 22, and her one-year-old baby girl at their village home in the state’s Dumka district and set them on fire, Jharkhand state police superintendent N.K. Mishra told CNN.

The girl died instantly while the mother died later in a hospital due to injuries.

The husband and inlaws remain in jail as they await trial, Mishra said.

Mishra believes another possible motive for the killings may have been because Devi gave birth to a baby girl instead of a boy.

“That could be a factor. But it was mainly for dowry. Her family has said in their complaint she was harassed for money and other things,” Mishra said.

While dowries are illegal in India, the practice of giving expensive gifts to the grooms and their families at weddings hosted by the brides’ parents is still common.

A total of 8,233 murders of women in dowry deaths were reported in 2012, which is slightly less than 2011’s number of 8,618, according to the national crime data. However, 2012’s total still means one woman dies every hour in the country.

Violence against women in India continues to be prevalent. Last week it was reported that a 20-year-old woman was ordered to be gang-raped for having a relationship with a man from another village. The group of men that found her guilty was also the ones who carried out the punishment.

The victim remained in critical condition as of last Thursday.

Sources: CNN, Breitbart


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