Indian Teen Taking Selfie On Tracks Gets Run Over By Speeding Train

The selfie craze officially spiraled out of control this week when a boy in India was reportedly killed after he took a photo of himself in front of a moving train.

Canadian Jared Frank may have become a YouTube star after getting kicked in the head while taking a video selfie by some train tracks in Peru, but Edwin, a 15-year-old student from Kerala, India, was not as fortunate, the Daily Dot reported.

Accompanied by his brother Godwin and some of his friends, Edwin was standing on the tracks in Kolompadam at around 5 p.m. to take the selfie on his mobile phone. He slipped on the tracks and was run over by an approaching train, Mathrubhumi News reported. Edwin suffered serious injuries and was rushed to a hospital where he died.

This is not the first time daring selfies and videos have ended in tragedy. A Russian teen fell 30 feet to her death from a St. Petersburg railway bridge last month while attempting to snap a dramatic selfie on top of the tall structure, the Daily Dot reported in a previous story.

“Social media addiction among people in Kerala came to the fore,” according to Gulfnews.com, which reports that a 32-year-old called Abhilash also lost his life in the Indian state while trying to record a video of himself in a fake hanging to post on Facebook.

Earlier this month, a South Florida man posted photos on Facebook of himself selling drugs, which led to his arrest, First Coast News reported.

Sources: Daily Dot (2), Mathrubhumi News, Gulfnews.com, First Coast News


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