First He Lit Himself On Fire. Then He Hugged The Nearest Politician

A political leader from India’s Uttar Pradesh state died on Friday after he was hugged by a man who had set himself on fire.

Kamruzzama Fauji was participating in an election event on Monday when a spectator doused himself in gasoline, set himself on fire and hugged Fauji. Though a crowd of 150 people -- including two political candidates who received minor burns -- tried to put the fire out, they were unsuccessful.

“People were just too shocked to know what was happening,” local photographer Pankaj Kumar Gupta said.

Fauji’s brother has claimed the attack, which was aired live on television, was politically motivated. Though the attacker, identified as Durgesh Kumar Singh, had unknown motives, his family noted that he was being treated for mental instability. Before the incident, Singh called police to complain about harassment from his family.

Fauji died late Friday in a hospital. Singh died on site where his entire body was burned.

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Sources: NY Daily News, Gnomes

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