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Indian Man Samar Das Killed By Criminals He Hired To Off His Incestuous Sister

An Indian man who hired a group of criminals to murder his incestuous sister ended up being killed instead. Police in the Indian district of Angul, Odisha found the body of 30-year-old Samar Das on the railway tracks earlier this month. Three of the four men who were allegedly involved in the incident have been arrested.

According to police: “On September 7, they asked Samar to come to a desolate place near a railway track with the money, saying that they had killed his sister. When he reached there, they attacked him with sharp weapons and iron rods, killing him on the spot. The criminals then put his body on the track and took his money.”

Subha Narayana Muduli, the police inspector in charge of the investigation added, “The three arrested persons have confessed to their crime. However, the prime accused in the case is absconding.”

Samar’s sister, 35-year-old Namita, was allegedly having an affair with their 41-year-old brother Abhimanyu.

Police say that the criminals confessed to attempting, and failing, to kill Namita on three separate occasions. Not wanting to lose the money they were being paid to carry out the deed, the crooks decided to take out Samar instead.

Authorities were able to find the suspects by checking Samar’s call records and questioning his brother and sister, The Inquisitr reported.

Sources: The Inquisitr, Hindustan Times


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