Indian Man Feroz Khan Arrested for Trying to Sell Grandon on Facebook


Police in Northern India arrested 47-year-old Feroz Khan for allegedly trying to sell his newborn grandson on Facebook.

Khan allegedly kidnapped his daughter’s baby after his birth this month and struck a deal with a local businessman on Facebook to sell him.

Khan, from the city of Ludhiana, about 200 miles from New Delhi, conspired with two temporary employees at the hospital where his daughter, Noori Khan, gave birth. They contacted the businessman on Facebook and arranged to swap the baby for 45,000 rupees, about 830 USD.

"All three people who conspired to sell the child have been arrested and we will be interrogating the businessman who paid the money to buy the baby," said senior police officer Satish Malhotra. They are charged with kidnapping and face seven years in prison.

The baby was returned to his mother, a divorcee who lodged a complaint against Khan.

All three are expected in court Wednesday.

Two years ago, India’s federal police admitted in court that 815 gangs with a over 5,000 members are involved in the kidnapping of children across the country and often force them into prostitution and begging.

A report by the National Crime Records Bureau showed kidnapping increased 356 percent in India between 1953 and 2006.

Sources: NY Daily,


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