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Indian Man Addicted to Eating Bricks, Gravel

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Indian man Pakkirappa Hunagundi suffers from a rare eating disorder known as Pica, and because of it, loves to eat bricks.

Hunagundi reportedly refuses to eat anything but mud and bricks, and must satisfy his cravings every single day. He claims he can’t stop.

“My mother asks me not to eat it, but I won’t stop,” Hunagundi said. “Even if you give me fried chicken, I want mud at any cost.”

The 30-year-old has eaten bricks since age 10. Every day he eats nearly 7 pounds of mud and one brick to fulfill his craving.

Hunagundi’s neighbors, friends and family find the habit strange and have begged him to change his diet. However, he plans to continue eating bricks and traveling around India to display his "skill" for pay. He hopes the pay will supplement his meager income.

Hunagundi said he has never experienced side effects from eating brick.

Sources: Metro, Daily Mail


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