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Indian Girl, 7, Survives Strangulation, Being Buried Alive

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It sounds like something stolen straight from a horror movie, but it actually happened: a seven year-old Indian girl was strangled, then buried alive by her closest family members, authorities believe.

The BBC is reporting that the young girl was told she was being taken to a fair by her uncle and aunt. They instead took her to a nearby cane field in India's Sitapur district, located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where they proceeded to strangle the girl and bury her alive.

It is not known for how long the girl was alive in her own grave, but she eventually scraped her way out of the earth and reached the surface, where she could breathe again.

A villager, who happened to be nearby, heard the girl's cries as she was attempting to escape her death sentence. He followed the sounds of her desperate escape until he came upon the struggling girl. He then called the police, who took the girl to a nearby hospital. She is now in good condition and excepted to recover fully.

While the cause for the vicious attack on the defenseless girl is not yet known, incidents such as this are not unprecedented in India.

The BBC points out, "cases of baby girls being killed are not uncommon in India, where women are often discriminated against socially and girls are seen as a financial burden, particularly among poor communities."

Rajesh Krishna, the police chief of Sitapur, told BBC, "When the girl became conscious, she began to remove the soil on top of her and clambered out of the shallow grave. Then she sat there and cried loudly when the villager spotted her."

He continued, "There are strangulation marks around the girl's neck."

Now, police are on the hunt for the girl's mother, aunt and uncle, who have all fled their respective homes.


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