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Indian Bride Wears $625,000 In Gold Jewelry On Her Wedding Day

A bride is supposed to shine brightest on her wedding day. A wealthy Indian confectioner made sure her daughter did just that by enveloping her in $625,000 worth of gold jewelry.

The golden wedding took place in the city of Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh state. The names of the father and daughter who flaunted their extensive collection of gold jewelry have not been released, probably for their own protection.

The father, a very successful confectioner who reportedly made millions in India’s southern Andhra Pradesh state, was wearing multiple gold chains. In fact, the candy maker was wearing so many chains that he almost outshined the bride on her wedding day.

Local police forces were sent to the wedding party, which traveled throughout poverty stricken neighborhoods, to ensure the safety of the two gold-lovers.

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(via Daily Mail)

Pictures of the father and daughter were shared on social media, and many were upset, saying that the two should be ashamed for flaunting their enormous wealth in one of the world’s poorest countries.

“It is not a crime to wear such a large amount of gold, but there could have been a crime once people heard about it,” said police spokesman Sandeep Kumar. “We just wanted to make sure there were no problems in advance.”

The confectioner and his daughter are not the only ones with a boundless love for gold. In August, Pankaj Parakh made headlines for sporting a shirt made out of solid gold. The local politician and textile business owner was celebrating his 45th birthday. The shirt weighed just under nine pounds and cost almost $200,000. It was 18-22 carats of pure gold and required the work of 20 people for 3,200 hours to make.

Source: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: FlickrDaily Mail


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