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Indian Boy Beaten to Death in Front of His Parents for Stealing Biscuits

A 12-year-old boy in India was brutally beaten to death by residents in his small village after he and another boy allegedly stole a box of biscuits from a store.

According to reports, Chhotu Kumar was stripped, hung upside down, and beaten to death by villagers in front of his parents. The young boy's parents tried to plead with the attackers to grant him forgiveness, but they refused.

The "judges" said that they would stop beating Chhotu if the parents paid 10,000 rupees (the equivalent of about $182) up front, but the parents said they were poor and couldn’t get the money for two days.

The other boy, 13-year-old Pintu Kumar, was also badly beaten, but he just barely survived. Police are now actively searching for eight people they believe are responsible for the heinous act.

"The incident is quite serious as the villagers have taken law into their hands," said local police superintendent Ajit Kumar Satyarthi. "We are not going to spare any of them."


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