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Indian Airline Hiring Only Women In Effort To Save On Fuel Costs

Indian airline GoAir has decided to recruit only women to the cabin crew from now on instead of the 'heavier' male counterparts, apparently in an attempt to lighten the aircraft and reduce fuel burn because of increased operating costs.

GoAir currently has 330 cabin crew members, 40% of whom are males. The airline estimates each extra kilo on board costs Rs3 ($0.05) per flying hour, and the new policy will save it up to $500,000 annually.

The airline's 130-odd male flight crew members will keep flying, but future cabin crew recruitments will be all airhostesses.

GoAir plans to induct about 80 aircraft over next seven years, for which it will recruit about 2,000 airhostesses and pilots.

"The size of in-flight magazines has been reduced," the airline's CEO Giorgio De Roni said. "The potable water tanks are no longer being filled to capacity as only 35% to 40% of that water is actually used."

Sources: CNN, TimesOfIndia


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