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Man In India Throws Nine-Month-Old Girl Into River Over Past-Due Loan

A man in India tossed a nine-month-old girl into a river recently because the child’s father owed him money. The infant died immediately, sparking protests from outraged villagers.

The girl’s father, Surendra Paswan, took out a 500-rupee ($8.33) loan from Gautam Singh to help pay for a few urgent family needs.

Because Paswan failed to pay back Singh on time, Singh stopped and confronted him, his wife, and his infant child recently while the three were travelling together on a motorbike. Singh demanded the money on the spot, but Paswan told him he would not be able to repay him until after his sister was married next month.

That comment enraged Singh, who grabbed Paswan’s daughter and threw her into a river. The girl died instantly.

Angry villagers recovered the young girl’s body from the river. Gulf News reports the villagers have taken to the streets to protest the killing. Police have promised the victim’s family they will find and prosecute Singh in court.

“We are conducting raids to arrest the accused,” local police superintendent Ratnamani Sanjeev said.

The police department also gave Paswan and his family 20,000 rupees ($333) to help them out with their dire financial situation. 


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