Incredible Photos: Millions of Dead Fish Near Los Angeles


Another mass animal death in America. This time millions of fish have been found dead in the harbor of beach community Redondo Beach near Los Angeles. According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, it appears a lack of oxygen caused the fish to die.

“There are no visible signs of any toxins that might have caused [the die-off] and our early assessment is that this was oxygen depletion,” City Manager Bill Workman said. “This is similar to what we experienced five years ago but that was distinctly a red tide event but there’s no discoloration of the water, no associated foaming in the waves. There are no oil slicks or leaking of substances into the water.”

Workman said marine biologists from the University of Southern California are conducting further tests to make sure there are no environmental issues involved in the water. Workers are now beginning to remove the dead fish, which city officials estimated to be in the millions.

Workman said fish started congregating in the harbor in recent weeks, and it appears there just was not enough oxygen to go around. “It looks like what happens to goldfish when you don’t change the water in the tank, mouth open and belly up,” Workman said.

The fish are mostly anchovies, sardines and mackerel. "There’s basically fish everywhere you go in the harbor," said King Harbor Marina assistant manager Jason McMullin.

The fish were attracting huge flocks of seagulls and other birds.


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