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House Criticized for its Gory Halloween Decorations: Severed Heads, Bloody Torso Over Cauldron

As Halloween approaches, people are breaking out the creepy lawn decorations. One house, however, is being criticized for having gone too far.

The home on Wentworth Avenue in Minneapolis features a display of severed heads, zombie babies and a bloody torso hanging over a cauldron.

Neighbors have said that the owner of the home always goes over the top. Neighbor Monica Paquette said that the severed heads and the bloody torso are beyond a trick or treat.

(via My Fox 9)

“My only concern is for kids who are like 2 or 3, or somewhere under the age of 6 years old, it’s probably a little bit much,” Paquette said.

Others have commented that the display is a sign of the times: zombie apocalypse and vampire shows have flooded television shows and movies. In fact, My Fox 9 reports that extreme gore and zombie décor are flying off the shelves this year.

(via My Fox 9)

As Jim Berg of Twin Cities Costume and Magic said, the popularity of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is influencing pop culture, and neighbors are driving up the demand for carnage displays as they try to one-up each other.

“That trend is a little more blood, a little more guts, a little more ‘ohh’ and scare. And all of a sudden, it continues to blossom into bloody torsos,” Berg said.

(via My Fox 9)

Berg also noted that some lawn ornaments, like movies, should be R-rated.

My Fox 9 reports that the homeowner declined to comment on the display.

Sources: My Fox 9, Bring Me The News

Photo Sources: My Fox 9


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