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Increased Demand of Ammunition Forces Walmart to Limit Sales

Walmart has announced that it is limiting sales of firearm ammunition to three boxes a day after it experienced difficulty keeping up with demand.

"In order to take care of as many customers as possible, starting Thursday, January 24, all ammunition sales were limited to three boxes per customer, per day as supply is limited at this time," a Walmart spokesperson said. 

Walmart has been criticized lately because it refused to stop selling semi-automatic assault rifles after the Newtown, Connecticut massacre. 

It sold out of semi-automatic assault rifles in five states right after the Newtown tragedy. Though the company refused to stop selling the guns, they removed a photo of a Bushmaster M4A3 from their site. 

The company has said that they will store video of gun sales and track firearms used in crimes to make sure they are not able to come back and purchase another one. 

They are also planning to implement stricter background checks for employees handling firearm inventory and sales. 

Walmart was recently the targeted store of a 15-year-old New Mexico boy who killed his family with an AR-15 he took from his father on January 22. Nehemiah Griego said he had plans to drive to a local Walmart and shoot people until he was stopped by authorities. 


New Mexico Boy Shoots Family


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