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Incoming Police Chief Barry Rountree Accidentally Shoots Woman

Incoming Police Chief Barry Rountree reportedly shot Tamara Whitt while trying to kill her aggressive dog on Wednesday in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Police said that Rountree was responding to a dangerous weapon call and was assisting another police officer when he found a dog behaving in an “aggressive manner.”

When Rountree tried to shoot the dog, he misfired and the bullet bounced off the pavement and hit Whitt in the leg.

She was told by doctors that the bullet would have to stay in her leg because it was too dangerous to take out.

“[Rountree] did not come to me. He backed away,” Whitt told Fox 8. "He just backed up and I saw the cell phone come out ... he walked across the street over there by that car over there and he was on his phone ... and I told the SBI [State Bureau of Investigation] he did not come to me.”

Rountree, who is scheduled to be sworn in as police chief on Sunday, was placed on administrative leave. Assistant Chief David Clayton will temporarily serve as chief until Rountree is cleared.

The dog is in custody of the Forsyth County Animal Control.

Source: Fox 8


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