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Income Tax Credit for Cat and Dog Adoptions Considered by Maryland State Legislature

The Maryland State Legislature is considering two bills this year to help relieve overcrowding in animal shelters.

-- House Bill 145, "Income Tax Credit - Cat and Dog Adoption,” would offer a $100 tax credit for someone who adopts a cat or dog.

--House Bill 1357, "Income Tax Credit - Veterinary Services for Adopted Police Dogs," would allow a tax credit of up to $1,000 for the veterinary bills of retired police dogs that are adopted by police officers or others,” reports Fox News.

Maryland State Delegates Michael J. Hough and Glen Glass addressed these bills on Wednesday, February 19.

"The animal shelters are filled with loving animals that need homes," said Delegate Glass. "Dogs and cats always give more than they take,” he stated, “HB 1358 gives people an incentive to adopt a dog or cat from an animal shelter."

Delegate Glass also noted his concern of the rising population of Pit Bulls in animal shelters.

"Pit Bulls need homes too," Glass said. "Due to the court case decision of Tracey v. Solesky, which declared pit-bulls inherently dangerous, many of the animal shelters are inundated with pit-bulls that need homes."

The issue of the overwhelming number of Pit Bulls in animal shelters is, however, not unique to Maryland.

In June 2013, Animal People, a noted publication that maintains statistics nationwide on shelter populations and other issus involving animals, reported:

"Pits & other bully breeds are now 38% of the dogs arriving at animal control shelters; 37% of the dogs arriving at all open admission shelters, including humane societies as well as animal control agencies.

"This is a 23% increase over last year and a 61% increase over 2003. Not surprisingly, the percentage of pit bulls killed at open admission shelters edged up from 87% last year to 89% this year.”



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