Inappropriate? California Elementary School Puts Sticker On Student Saying "Lunch Money Please"

On Wednesday, California resident Kim Segaline noticed a sticker on her 7-year-old son Preston’s shirt. “Lunch money please,” the sticker said.

Confused, Segaline asked her son, a student at Bonsall West Elementary School, why he was wearing the sticker.

“Oh, the lunch lady put that on me to wear home for my parents to see,” Preston said.

Preston has been eligible for free lunch at the school for the past two years, so Segaline was confused as to why he now needed money for lunch.

Segaline, who told Opposing Views she was shocked that the school would make her son wear a sticker that publicized her family’s financial situation, called the school to ask about their sticker policy.

A member of the food services staff told Segaline that she needed to fill out another form for this school year if Preston was to continue receiving free lunch. Segaline says that she will, of course, fill out the form. But regardless, the sticker being placed on her son still irked her.

“I did not appreciate them having my son wear a sticker saying what it said,” she said. “…they could have sent a note home with him instead in his folder.  I just really don't think they should be putting a sticker on the kids like that.”

The food services employee told Segaline that a note would be sent home in his folder on Friday. In the meantime, the school puts the sticker on students to ensure their parents get the message. The school says that when children are sent home with notes, they often find the notes left in classrooms or laying on the ground.

Regardless, Segaline still thinks it’s inappropriate to make her son wear a sticker that publicizes something that should be a private issue.

What do you all think? Is the school crossing the line by putting a student’s financial situation out in public? Or is it merely an effective way to reach parents with a message?

Let us know in the comments section below. 


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